Brilliant Resort and Spa Kunming

Brilliant boutique hotel

Brilliant boutique hotel is located in Kunming Plateau Lake, where the four seasons sunny flowers. Rich Chinese traditional culture and unique local culture in Yunnan integration, has an extraordinary personality charm. The hotel is built on the slopes of a mountain at its back facing the lake, shaded by lush vegetation and woods, with the shape on the potential along the hillside was landing layout, with a thatched roof villas as long mushrooms in the forest, the natural growth of dense vegetation form a green barrier between a VILLA, very good privacy. Daze pavilion is a panoramic view of the lake, ready to enjoy flowers floating fresh rose petals spa pool bath.

Each Pool Villa with hot spring pool, swimming pool, open-air shower, Gazebo, private courtyard. Royal Ocean View Suite has a large space of 6000 square meters, has a long shoreline, private beach quite tropical garden where guests can organize beach dinners and private PARTY.

It offers very professional Meridian Detector, spa, features a spa and traditional Chinese medicine power meridian therapy, yoga, meditation, tai chi, tea ceremony, health food and health services, and customized services tailored to the the custom rehabilitation and vacation packages for guests. The hotel offers a tour Shilin, Kunming Dounan Flower Market, playing Gower customized travel services. We hope that the people here revitalization, physical and spiritual health, spend a relaxing enjoyable holiday.

Brilliant spa

Brilliant boutique hotel in a natural hot spring and spa perfect fusion take you into the real, pure spa trip.

Brilliant Spa is based on traditional Chinese medicine, to follow ancient Chinese natural health rules, based on the life energy primitive, balance yin and yang, combining traditional and modern means double the water resort, the integration of the Western aromatherapy learn meridian, yoga, tea ceremony, diet and other health exercises essence.

Stay a Brilliant boutique hotel can experience highly Brilliant Features TCM SPA health unforgettable. Modern Meridian Detector, professional health counseling mentor based on your actual physical condition, tailored health physical therapy program, Chinese meridian therapy, Chinese Five Elements therapy, massage cupping, oil scraping and other health treatment, and with the diet, to achieve the best health benefits.

Brilliant SPA absorb different parts of the local culture, with distinct regional characteristics, flowers spa, body and soul spa, Zen Spa, tea SPA, special and fresh memorable experience. Brilliant SPA careful selection of the world's top natural and organic spa products brand, elegant chic, natural environment surrounded you enjoy the new spa experience.

Brilliant boutique hotel has the first hotel in China Academy of TCM and Spa Institute, dedicated to the exploration and practice of TCM culture, Set spa treatment cultivate high-quality SPA personnel and R & D as a whole, is Brilliant SPA innovation, adhere to quality, positive source of progress.

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