Brilliant Resort & Spa Jingmai

Brilliant Resort & Spa is located in the Lancang river area - the worldwide origin of the tea tree. Ten thousand acres of Pu’er tea garden with thousands of years of history are located in the Jingmai Mountains, which are inhabited by the descendants of tea plantation minority groups. Jingmai Mountain is wreathed in a cloud sea all year round. The Pu’er tea from the Brilliant Pu’er Tea Fazenda meets the EU regulation for organic products. The building style of Brilliant Resort & Spa is perfectly in harmony with nature. The guests can choose to appreciate ten thousand acres of Pu’er tea garden; to enjoy the leisure in the resort, to taste healthy and delicious local food cooked by using natural food ingredients; or to experience the tailor-made tea spa; or to experience mysterious minority groups’ customs.

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