Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing

Located in North Hot Spring Park, the cradle of the Chinese hot spring culture, Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing surrounds a 1600-year-old hot spring temple and against health-oriented Jinyun mountain.

Built along with Jialing River’s precipitous massif, see the blue water flowing under your feet with a beautiful sight of three gorges being present around, it has wide arc overhanging eaves, desktop design and spacious land fall glass windows. Tall trees go through the roofs, the buildings and trees come together reflects a beautiful scenic painting on each glass window.

Poetic environment tranquil forest. An anti-Japanese site which has experienced for hundreds of years, keeps the anecdotes of many famous poets, scholars, governors and celebrities.

Honored as Chinese Best Design Hotels Award •The Best Vacation Award, Hotel & Resort Best Value Awards of Voyage.

Forest Hot Spring

Different styled 26 hot spring pools flickers among mountain, forest, bridge and caves. Brooks zigzagging through various plants and flowers present you a majestic nature landscape.

Therapy Pool

All function pools such as Hubble-bubble Pool, Whirl Pool, Therapy Pool and Fish Pool utilize water impact to massage and condition your body and mind.

Forest Pools

Assembled the quintessence of forest landscape art, the Forest Pools creates a poetry and picturesque hot spring paradise.

Source Pool

"Source" is from the saying “Source of Buddhism, water for all things”. Spring water gushing out and gathers here. The pure water absorbs the Nature wise and presents you in traditional hot spring culture and Buddhism culture.

Fragrance Pools

Rose petal, essential oil and hot spring water, they corporate with each other, make you immersed in the romantic atmosphere with spirit blooming like spring flower.

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