Pangu 7 Star Hotel is China’s newest icon and the latest masterpiece of world- renowned architect C.Y. Lee, the man behind the famous Taipei 101. Our Luxury 7 Star hotel is the pinnacle of Pangu Plaza near the Water Cube, featuring breathtaking views of Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre of dreams as well as world class office space, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, lavish residences and the breathtakingly opulent Sky Courtyards.


Step into a world that is exquisite, rare and uniquely Chinese. Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing is a masterpiece expressly crafted with your comfort in mind, where opulence is imbued with myth and meaning, and the ancient art of feng shui has been harnessed on a grand scale. Beijing’s finest hotel is your guiding light of auspicious luxury in the New China. Welcome to the world of Pangu.


Pangu Plaza and Pangu 7 Star Hotel have been designed on a grand scale according to the ancient Chinese principles of feng shui, to bring good fortune and prosperity to their inhabitants. Pangu lies on the “dragon vein’’ that links China’s seat of government at Zhongnanhai with the capital’s historical central axis which stretches from the Forbidden City. The plaza is created in the form of a dragon, the most powerful and auspicious animal in the Chinese zodiac.


An evening at the Pangu Plaza's 23rd floor, 770 sqm Sky Courtyard is an experience unlike any other on earth. Embrace the heavens as the BMW-powered roof glides open, the Chinese orchestra begins to play, and you commence to dine under the stars upon fare fit for an emperor. Immerse yourself in Sir David Tang's inspired vision of a modern take on a Tang Dynasty courtyard. This is truly Beijing’s most exclusive experience.


At Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing you are cosseted by the finest of everything. Deluxe interiors created by Milan-based maestro Ricardo Bello Dias strike a masterful balance between Chinese classical tradition and contemporary European glamour. The hotel’s 234 luxury guest rooms, including 140 suites, feature Baker furniture, as found in the US Presidential White House and soaring 3.5m ceilings.


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